Ode to Herring Point

Posted by dave on February 17, 2024

In the quiet hours of dawn at Herring Point Beach, the sky painted a mosaic of soft pinks and golds over Cape Henlopen. The gentle crash of waves whispered secrets to the shore, where the sand held memories of countless footprints.

Among these memories was a tale about an old fisherman named Eben. Eben had been coming to the beach every morning for decades, his presence as constant as the lighthouse that stood vigil on the cape's edge. His boat, "The Silver Herring," was as much a part of the beach as the dunes themselves.

One morning, Eben discovered a bottle nestled in the sand, a piece of parchment rolled up inside. The message was a map, marked with a path that started at the beach and weaved through the dunes, leading to an X drawn beneath the old, twisted pine that stood guard over the beach's secrets.

Intrigued, Eben followed the map. He navigated the sandy hills, each step a reminder of the years he'd walked this beach. The journey was a reflection of his life, twists and turns, highs and lows, like the ebb and flow of the tides he knew so well.

At the journey's end, beneath the pine, Eben found not treasure, but a mirror. It was old and ornate, encased in driftwood with carvings of waves and seagulls. When he gazed into it, he saw not his reflection, but moments of his life - the storms he'd weathered, the calm seas he'd sailed, and all the sunrises he'd witnessed from Herring Point Beach.

With the realization that his life was the treasure, Eben smiled, his eyes reflecting the morning sun. He reburied the mirror for another to find someday, and returned to "The Silver Herring," leaving only his footprints behind.

The tale of Eben and the mirror became a legend whispered by the winds at Herring Point Beach, a reminder that sometimes, the treasure we seek is the life we've lived and the memories we've created along the way.

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